Q. If you had to name one thing that draws you to the M/M genre, what would it be?

For me, I think I’d have to say it’s the sheer variety of stories available, while still being able to feel confident that each one will stick to certain conventions. I love an HEA. I like a strong romantic element where two people discover more about themselves through their relationship with each other. I adore a character and story arc that’s going to draw me into a fictional world.

But beyond that, I never know what to expect. And I absolutely love that fact.

I’ve read M/M stories about investigators on the hunt for murderers. I’ve read stories about inventors, wizards, vampires and warriors. Men on the run from the law, on the run from their past, on the run from their feelings. Kings, dukes and marquesses. Modern settings, futuristic settings, fantasy settings, industrial settings…

And when I write my own stories in this genre, I love the fact that I can use my full imagination to create any story I like – with the underpinnings to ensure it works.

Q. Who is Dean Cornwall?

Dean Cornwall is a pen name. I have written in a number of genres in the past and hope to bring all of that experience with me to create stories and characters as varied as my own interests, but where we also get an intimate look into the developing love life of a couple of male-aligned characters.

If you’re asking about the person behind the name, I’m quiet, shy and slightly nerdy. I love books and films and cats (I love all animals, but cats are my favourites – I have four of my own). I’m vegan. I was born in, grew up in and live in England – so you might find some Englishness dotted throughout my writing. I don’t like confrontation, but I despise injustice more.

Q. What makes your writing unique?

I don’t know if it’s so much the writing itself, but more the characters and the way the story is told. My tagline is “Intimate M/M Fiction” and that word intimate is important to me. We’re not just talking about intimate scenes where the characters have sex (although that’s definitely a feature), but more that you get to build up a close relationship with the characters yourself. You’re invited into their lives, warts and all, and you get to know their thoughts – even the most private or sensitive. A lot of the time, my characters are discovering things – about themselves, about how the world works, about their relationships. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy coming along for the ride.

Q. Is there anything that will always feature in your fiction?

An HEA (or at least an HFN). I think that’s important to be clear about from the beginning. I know it’s a feature of romance, and M/M doesn’t always have to follow that convention, but I don’t like to read stories without one, so I’m not about to write a story without one.